Season 7: Episode 4.20 – History and too many commercials

by tinyyellowhouse

Recently on “Conversations With Small Children”… the children are stuffed into a small rental car for a three hour drive to a movie shoot at a historic village with their mother. All is quiet in the back seat until about two and a half hours into the drive when one of the small children announces… “Mommy… When will we arrive at our destination?”. The mother giggles to herself a little. “In about a half an hour sweetie,” she says.
As they pull up to the hotel, conveniently placed directly across from a museum; both children plaster themselves to the window of the car facing the museum and scream. “MOM! LOOK!!!! HISTORY!!!!”

Mother beams with pride and says, “Yes dears, history.”

While at the movie shoot another family has their own episode of  “Conversations With Small Children”. The actors are lined up waiting for one of the many takes involving a multitude of small children paired with their mothers or grandmothers in family groups.  They wait patiently for the soldiers to march past. As they march past the actors, who have been given bunches of flowers are supposed to cheer and clap and throw the flowers at the soldiers. This is rewound and repeated a couple of times. The first few takes go very well. About 5 takes in, the flowers are trampled, everyone is hot and likely covered in ticks and the smallish natives are getting restless. A nearby family is overheard having the following conversation with their small child.

Small Child- “Grandma… will we be done soon? It’s hot”

Grandmother of Small Child- “Yes, we will be done soon. Just a few more times.”

SC- “Grandma…?”

GOSC-“Yes sweetheart?”

SC- “Grandma, there must be a lot of commercials in this movie, because we keep stopping.”

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