Rerun: Season 5: Episode 10.17 : Fire In The Hole!

by tinyyellowhouse

Previously…  “Conversations With Small Children”

We find the family attending the morning church service. The mother is seated in the rear of the church in her usual pew with her two small girls who are about the age of 5. The small children from every family are being gathered at the front of the sanctuary for the Message for the Children. The two pastors are standing at the front of the church between the small children and the congregation wearing their pastoral robes. A large communion table with two tall pillar candles separates the pastors from their engrossed little friends.

One of the pastors begins telling a lovely story about God’s love and relating how the church is like a big family and he spreads his arms out wide over the communion table where the candles are flickering dangerously close to the polyester sleeve of his pastoral robe. One of the small children pipes up and says “Um… you’re going to catch your robe on fire.”

The mother joins the congregation in riotous laughter and is glad that there were no object lessons on how to be on fire for God. The small children are dismissed and skip off to Sunday School.

After the service the two small children are reunited with their mother. The mother inquires what the small child would have done had the pastor caught his robe on fire. The small child looks up from her post-Sunday School cookie and lemonade and says, “I would have told him to Stop, Drop and Roll!”

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