Season 4: Episode 4.10: Black Plague

by tinyyellowhouse

At the end of a long day the small children are upstairs in their room. After playing 2 rounds of Candyland, reading 5 stories and singing several lullabies, they’re finally asleep. The mother barely cralws into bed. She reads her book. She turns out the light. She sleeps for about an hour. It is now 2 AM. And a crying child comes into her room. Donning her SuperMommy cape she assess the situation. Mother determines the small child is sick. Assumes second child will also become sick within… about a half hour. She cleans up the first small child, put the small child in new PJ’s, strips the sheets, remakes the bed, pats the small child’s back, rub the small child’s tummy, give a little kiss on the head (carefully avoiding any germies), helps the small child brush teeth to get yucky tastes out and put the small child back in bed.
20 mins later, same child is crying… sick again.
Repeat process.

She goes back to bed and reads because it’s only a matter of moments before she will have to do it all over again with the other small child. Sure enough… 2nd small child is sick. Repeat clean-up/wipe down/disinfection process ALL over again. 2nd small child needs bath and new PJ’s.  Mother  places towels on their pillows of the small children because it’s something her mother did when she was a small child. It made her feel better when she was sick. 2nd small child requests another story and “Twinkle Star” song. The small child whispers “Thank you mommy,” then drifts off to sleep again. And the mother thinks to herself , “No thanks are necessary young citizen, it’s all part of a days work for SuperMommy.” The mother hangs up her cape and slips back into the night. 15 mins later the 1st small child is awake again and crying. The cape is back on. Small Child 1 sick again. 2nd small child wakes up… also sick. Rough night. Mom still awake. And a new episode begins.

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