Season 7: Episode 4.3- The Spelling Lesson

by tinyyellowhouse

On tonight’s episode of “Conversations With Small Children”… we observe a couple of parenting fails….the mother in the series is found cleaning up her sewing and crafting items in adjoining room to where the father is quizzing the small children on their spelling words.

The word few comes up.

To which the first child responds with. F…U…

Father says, “That’s not a nice thing to say. Try again.”

“F…U…,” says the child…

Father cannot quite seem to stifle his laughter and from the other room the mother giggles to herself. Until her gaze meets his and they both laugh loudly. Prompting the small child to repeat

F…U… ”

over and over and over and over and over.

The mother goes back to her cleaning and overhears the next word “tool” being used in a sentence. Tool… like when your mother loses all of my tools… or sometimes your sister is a tool.

What have we found…

1. Father should not be allowed to do homework with the children….
2. Father is teaching his small child to be passive aggressive with her sister.

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