Rerun- Season 7: Episode 3.25- Invasion

by tinyyellowhouse

On this episode of conversations with small children we find two little girls playing US Border Patrol. Guarding the US (our downstairs living area) from Canadian intruders (who apparently live in our kitchen!?!?) The father makes an attempt to go into the living room from the kitchen where he has just refilled his water glass.

“You can’t come in, you aren’t from Ohio” says one small child to the Canadian Invader disguised as her father.

“Yes, I am. But you aren’t. You were born in New Orleans.” replied the father of the small child.

The small child looks up from under her imaginary US Border Patrol desk and computer and says “yeah, New Orleans, Ohio”

“No,” her father says,”New Orleans, Louisiana.”

“Oh.” replies the small child…and in the seconds that followed this exchange the border between the US and Canada was compromised.

Yet again proving my theory that elementary school students would make horrible border patrol officers.

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