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Month: September, 2012

Season 7: Episode 9.10 – Big Game Hunting

On today’s episode of Conversations With Small Children…

The two small children have just walked through the door from school. Both look exhausted as they place their backpacks on the hooks and their shoes in the closet.

Mother arrives home from work a few moments later ready to fuss at them for not putting away their things. She sees that their things are put away and that they are heading up the stairs to clean their rooms. Half way up the stairs she ask, “So what did you do at school today?”

“Nothing.” reply the small children

“Well how was lunch?” inquires the mother, “Did you like your button cookies I packed for dessert?”

“Yup!” said the second of the small children

Sensing that nothing of consequence had happened that day at school the mother allows the children to head up to their room.

The mother begins tidying up the living room when she is interrupted by the voice of a small child.

“Mom, I forgot to tell you…at recess today we played that we were animals. I was a Lion!” says the small child.

“Really. That’s very interesting.” replies the mother, “And what did you do when you were the lion?”

“Well,” begins the small child, “I chase the other animals around the playground and today I actually caught one!”

“What kind of animal did you catch today?” mother asks.

“I caught a Cantaloupe! You know, mom, one of those animals that runs really fast. She tried really hard to get away mom, but I was faster.” replied the small child.

With that the small child skipped back up to her room.

The mother smiled, knowing that her little lion would protect the family from any cantaloupes that might try to get in.

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Rerun: Season 4- Episode 5.24- Logic

On this episode of Conversations With Small Children we find the small children and their mother at the mother’s part time job at a local church. The church had a garden committee that planted beautiful gardens all around the church building for the enjoyment of church members and the local community.

The mother had some work to do and as usual the small children were permitted to pick up small pretty stones to put in their pockets or to play in the churchyard while she prepared things outside for an event they would be having later that evening.

When they arrived at the church they passed through the large courtyard garden. The children immediately ran to the flowers and began picking them. The mother couldn’t believe her eyes and quickly stopped the children from picking the flowers. With all the windows around the mother of the small children was worried that the garden committee would be upset that their flowers had been picked.

She scolded the small children and said “These flowers belong to Jesus. We can’t pick them because Jesus wants them to be here for people to look at and enjoy.”

The children stopped picking the flowers, a little sad that they could no longer gather their treasures and began to play instead.

The mother began her work, glad that the flowers had been saved and that neither she, nor the small children risked getting in any trouble.

Several minutes passed and the children played quietly. The mother became so focused on her work that she didn’t check on the small children for quite some time.

When the mother finally did turn around to check on the two small children, she saw that they had their arms full of every hue of flower they could reach in the garden.

The mother was beside herself. Worried that the committee who had planted the flowers would be angry, upset that the small children had disobeyed, concerned that the destruction of the garden by the proud little demolition experts might cost her her job.

“Why did you picked the flowers? Didn’t I tell you that these flowers belong to Jesus?!?!”she asked the small children.

The small children looked up at her smiling and said,

“We asked Jesus if we could pick the flowers, and He said it was OK.”

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