Season 7: Episode 11.13- Suspected Intruders

On tonight’s episode of Conversations With Small Children….

Father is in his room icing his injured back, one of the small children is upstairs in her room playing a handheld video game and the other small child is in the living room with mother completing her homework. Suddenly, from the small children’s bedroom comes a shriek and small feet come flying down the stairs…

“MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER” yells the small child, “There’s an enormous wasp in my room!”

“How big is this supposed wasp?” inquires the mother, “Are you sure it was a wasp?”

“YES! It’s huge, it’s this big!” the small child gestures with her fingers and shows a quarter sized shape indicating the size of the offending critter. She continues “Seriously mom it dropped on my head and I ran out of there as fast as I could. I was so scared!”
The mother, sensing an opportunity to calm the situation with humor replies,

“Are you sure it wasn’t a three toed boogie snatcher? Or a Siberian Crotch Monkey? You’d be in a lot of trouble if it was a Siberian Crotch Monkey because you don’t like to wear underwear.”


The small child did not think this was funny and instead became rather panic stricken… “DO YOU THINK IT’S ONE OF THOSE?!?!” she squeaked.


” I don’t know, I won’t know until I go look at it, there aren’t any in captivity so there are only rumors that exist about what they look like. Hardly anyone has seen one.” said the mother as seriously as she could.


The other small child knowing full well that her mother is in fact messing with her sister pipes up and says ominously, “Yeah, and barely anyone who has seen them has lived to tell the tale… you better take a bigger shoe mommy.”


The mother and small children creep up the stairs to the small children’s bedroom carrying one of the father’s shoes. With a swat of the shoe the intruder is vanquished and peace is restored to the Tiny Yellow House.